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 Do i need to apply one account from the shipping provider ups, fedex or usps?

Dear Customer,

Yes, you will need to apply an account with UPS, FedEx, or USPS as necessary.

We are updating our manual for more information on these topics. Below are the details:

VevoCart Support Team

11.2.1 FedEx
To use FedEx real-time shipping rate, please apply for a FedEx web service account below:
1) Browse to and log in. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up for a free account.
2) From the menu select “FedEx Web Services” and sub menu “FedEx Web Services for Shipping”.
3) Click “Move to Production” link. Alternatively, you may enter the URL “”.
4) Click on “Obtain Production Key” at the bottom.
5) Follow on-screen instructions. Once it is done, write down the key and meter number shown on the screen.
6) The password will be sent out by email separately. Once you receive the email, look for the “Security Code”.
You can enter FedEx settings in Admin website. Please select Shipping menu and click on “Edit” link on the same line as FedEx.

11.2.2 UPS
Please apply UPS OnLine Tools to use UPS real-time shipping rate service.
1) Browse to Then, click “Get Tools” on the right-hand side box.
2) If you have not registered yet, please click “Register” link.
3) Follow the on-screen instructions. Once the registration is done, you will get a Developer’s Key.
4) Go back to the “Get Tools” page, then Click “Get Access Key”.
5) Click “Get XML Access Key”.
6) Enter the Developer’s Key in the text box and click “Submit” to get the XML Access Key.
You can enter UPS settings in Admin website. Please select Shipping menu and click on “Edit” link on the same line as UPS.

11.2.3 USPS
To obtain real-time shipping rate from USPS, you will need to apply for USPS Web Tools account.
1) Browse to and click on “Sign Up” button under Access USPS Web Tools on the right-hand box.
2) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.
3) Once you have received an email from USPS, look for the user name and password in the email. It should look similar to:
Your Username is xxxxxx
Your Password is xxxxxx
4) Since the test server of USPS does not support real-time rate services, you will need to upgrade your account to production account. Please follow the instructions in the email from USPS. Alternatively, you can send email to or call USPS Internet Customer Care at 1-800-344-7779 and tell them that your application has been tested and you would like to upgrade your account to a production one.
Once the registration is done, you can open USPS settings in VevoCart from the Shipping menu in Admin website. Then click “Edit” link on the same line as USPS. Then, enter User ID that was sent from the registration email.

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